New free app for room acoustics measurement

We are very pleased to introduce our new app that allows you to simply use your cell phone to measure the sound reverberation in your room(s) in just a few easy steps.

The app helps you to determine directly how much sound-absorbing material you will need to optimize the acoustics in your room and create a pleasant atmosphere without annoying noise reverberation.

In a first step, you select the room type and enter the dimensions of your room.

In the next step, you position your smartphone successively at four different measuring points in the room and clap your hands at each position. From the resulting acoustic data, the app calculates the reverberation time and displays it in an easy-to-interpret graph.

Next you can choose among different acoustic absorbers and select the one(s) most suitable for your room. The app will show you the required amount of each material.

Once you have made your selection, you will be redirected to your chosen products in our web shop, where you can complete your order.

Why not try a measurement right now! Download the app for free from the AppStore or the Google PlayStore.

Have fun finding out more about your rooms’ acoustics!

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